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Netcom Design Engineering Studio started in 2006, we are aware that creating client-oriented website takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm hires only the very best to ensure you receive both. We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget.

As a team of young professional, we started out with a collective purpose to build state of the art website through appealing UI & UX, optimized content and assembled by cutting edge tehcnology. Our rapid growth is a result of actively responding to the demands of this digital age and creatively measuring up to contemporary trends.

Netcom Design Engineering Studio is your partner in transforming space, forms, and shapes into an integrated union of design that delivers your message in a clear and differentiated way. Our strength originated from our commitment to continuously innovate our designs and accepting challenges from time to time without hesitation. Our extensive experience and presence in this business have proven our commitment in creating fresh, unique, and edgy designs that support your effort in achieving your corporate goals with a team of energetic, fun, passionate and dedicated group of people committed in delivering fresh ideas and armed with a “can-do” attitude..

Our strength is not limited only in our designs, but also our presence and support for our clients. To clearly and firmly understand the message that the client wishes to deliver, Netcom Design Studio relies on intensive and constant communication with the client. We are working closely with our clients to ensure that the specially customized design that we create finds its way to the targeted audiences, and the message that the client wishes to deliver is implanted in the hearts and minds of the target market. We greatly value the importance of continuous relationship with our clients and we position ourselves as a reliable and profitable partner for our clients..

As a passionate team, we continually strive to challenge the status quo and inspire the best creative work in the industry.

Our unending curiosity, combined with our head-turning innovation, allows us to establish strong connections with our clients. And it is this that enables us to really get under their skin, understanding their business pain and creating solutions that transform their organisations. Since our establishment in 2006, we’ve gained experience of working with companies of all sizes across Indonesia.

With a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including creative, strategy, technology and media, our aim is to make brands really special.

We believe that by blending our skills, we can deliver better, more innovative outcomes for our clients.

The Brain

The brain is formulated of two distinct areas, the limbic system at the centre and the neocortex which surrounds it…

Most decisions are made with the limbic system.
It controls: Trust, Gut Instinct, Loyalty & Emotions
It responds to: Pictures, Shapes & Music

Only homo sapiens have a well-developed neocortex. It is the area of the brain responsible for speech.
It controls: Rational thinking, Analytical Behaviour & Language
It responds to: Bullet points, Numbers and Figures & Spreadsheets

It is important to appeal to your client’s, prospect’s or partner’s limbic system when developing your marketing materials.

The Golden Circle

The aim is to achieve authenticity – this is a balance of the Golden Circle.

The only way to achieve this is for all parties within the organisation to believe in everything you say and do.

Why: (Belief) Why is the core driver. The passion that is made up of a set of beliefs. It is a company’s or person’s Purpose, Cause, Mission.

How: (Action) How is made up of the actions that differentiate the person or company. These are often referred to as the USPs. They form an individual’s values and principles.

What: (Result) What is the outcome or result of the belief and action. In a company this would be the Products and Services. The achievement of goals and monetary success or profit would fall into the What category.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do what
you do… the reason why you do it not what you do!

What makes us different from other agencies is that we care. We get to know and understand the problem by walking a mile in your and your customers’ shoes. We take the time to listen and ensure we fully understand your requirements.

The Process

Most agencies take a brief and enter this process at Step 4, Development. We do it differently.
We take the time and effort to cycle right back and discover exactly what is causing you pain.

We believe that by blending our skills we can deliver better, more innovative outcomes for our clients.

We always take the time to understand who you are, what you are trying to achieve and what makes your customers tick – this we call discovery and what makes us different is that we care.

We then make sure we understand how your customers think and what media is most appropriate within their journey with you. Planning is central to our approach, so be prepared to be challenged from time to time. A project never moves into the studio unless we confident that we’ve understood your requirements and in our ability to deliver you a return.

It is then that our blend of skills – creative, UX design, technology and multimedia, allows us to take you on a journey – a journey of transformation.

Underpinning these skills is our own Marketing Resource Platform. This platform enables brands to have control over their marketing assets, powering global distribution and achieving brand compliance.

Once your project is delivered we remain at your side providing insight and measurement into the impact of your activity on business results. Positive or negative, we continue to evolve your projects and our thinking.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done, created, or simply exists. In the world of branding, purpose is the “why” behind your brand.

Brand purpose is like salt to a recipe. It alone can season a dish, creating depth of flavor. It is often the first component—a layer of the foundation—and you’ll rarely find a recipe that doesn’t call for it. Without it, food is bland, but with salt, or brand purpose, we can build complex, enticing flavors and narratives that keep us coming back for more.

Purpose-driven brands are a true expression of passion and all the little ingredients that comprise your brand experience. To find your “why” you need to delve deep into the abyss. You need to ask the right questions. You need to connect to your customers, your product experience, your current marketing, your internal team members, your data, your leadership. You need to understand what you stand for. It is in our human nature to search for meaning in everything that we do, so it is essential to find your way and create connections. By leading with your “why,” your brand purpose, you create an emotional connection with your audience, which allows them to rationalize and justify their interactions with your brand. As you begin to communicate your “why” to your audience, see what resonates with them and be fluid, adjusting accordingly. Make sure your “why” is clear and make sure that it drives everything your brand does.

Simon Sinek said it best: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” The first step to building brand loyalty is nailing your brand identity through strategic creative—that’s where we come in. Branding marries art and strategy by combining deep research with brand positioning, creative finesse and smart messaging.

As a design engineering studio, we’re here to help you express your brand purpose to your target audience. Websites are the go-to for learning about your brand; it’s the place where your whole story is communicated. Our approach leads you down a path of brand analysis and implementation that ends in the ultimate treasure: your digital identity.